For 10 years I have been supporting architects, engineers and developers in the preparation and realisation of construction investments.

My clients call me their Guardian Angel. They say they feel secure with me because I take care of them, help them in crisis situations as they arise, sometimes rescue them when they are at the edge of disaster, but most of all, approach them every day with love, smile, complete involvement and understanding of what is important for them.

I specialise in the law of investment and construction process, spatial planning, administrative law, national heritage protection and the law of design works contracts (including copyright on architectural works).

My clients include entities such as: Mennica Polska S.A., JEMS Architekci, BBGK Architekci, or WXCA.

I have also counselled projects of SUD Architekt Polska and Capital Park Group, as well investments in Warsaw such as: Nowy Plac Unii, Praga Center Koneser, Centrum Marszałkowska (previously: Sezam), Cedet (previously: DH Smyk) or Cargo Terminal.
I have supported the management of private and public projects throughout Poland, including Łódź, Gdańsk and Wrocław.

As a Doctor of Juristic Science I combine both practical and academic knowledge. I am an author and co-author of numerous publications dealing with public law, such as Commentary to the Law on museums, Commentary to the Law on Protection and Care of Historical Monuments or Commentary on Special road law.

Already at the beginning of my career, I noticed that the members of management boards and project managers expect more than just legal advice from their lawyer.
They are not interested in hearing quoted regulations or erudite disquisitions on discrepancies in judicial decisions and legal nuances.
They expect discussion, cooperation in finding the best solutions and reliable business support.
They want brief recommendations and suggestions which are practical, which can be implemented, and whose business consequences are calculated.

In order to meet their needs I have decided to improve my competencies. After undergoing comprehensive training and passing the exams, I received certificates as a coach and mediator.

This way from an “ordinary” lawyer I grew to an extraordinary” counsellor.

It is crucial for me that every person I work with, regardless of their position, feels important, needed and co-responsible for the fate of the company and the particular project and, at the same time, that they gain space and inspiration necessary for both professional and personal development.

What I find the most satisfactory in my job is when the people I work with gain the frames within which they feel safe and gain satisfaction from their work.