I offer complex support for architects, engineers and other people acting in the field of real estate industry as well as investment and construction processes, especially in cases of:

  • crisis (particularly: conflicts within the team, serious unexpected problems on the project involving the risk of failure, loss or claims for indemnity),

  • change (e.g. the necessity for quick adjustment of the company’s policies and structures to the increased number of commissions, changes of the company’s profile and new challenges faced by the management board or particular team members).

I will be happy to help you and your team.

My support will allow you to respond to your challenges creatively and effectively, forming a friendly atmosphere at work, favourable for the development of talents and based on the feeling of agency, responsibility and security.

My services may include:

  • expert legal counselling within the field of:

  1. the law of investment and construction process, including administrative proceedings, public contracts, real estate law, technical conditions, communication service, utilities, environmental or historical monuments protection;

  2. copyright, including copyright to architectural works and technical documentation;

  3. contracts on design and construction works;

  4. contracts with subcontractors and internal contracts (job contracts, contracts for specific works, order contracts, contracts for specified services, partnership agreements and agreements between the partners

  • recommending the strategy in the events of crisis in the project or on the construction site (including: ways of communicating the clients, subcontractors or team members; with reference do the risks connected with buying a particular real estate, etc.);

  • revisal or help in creating offering procedures and the pattern for the company’s offers;

  • participation in negotiating contracts, e.g. for design works;

  • developing, together with the company’s management, “tailored” solutions within creating the company’s mission, establishing its goals, forms, modes and procedures, as well as team management.

  • Training the members of the management boards, managers, team members and administrative workers to act more efficiently in legal reality and thus, minimise the costs and risks of the company;

  • Participation in mitigating and solving conflicts in the team or with other parties (clients, contractors);

  • Helping to develop solutions streamlining the flow of information and the access to it as well as the communication in the company.